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Surface Casing Vent Flow Interventions
Diagnostic Formation Injectivity Testing

Challenger specializes in resolving annular migration issues such as surface casing vent flow and gas migration. Challenger's Chokepoint Squeeze TM system improves first-attempt success rates dramatically. The CPS system informs clients where and how to perforate, prepare the interval and perform the cement squeeze.

Formation properties can be accurately established using custom designed injection and flowback equipment. With advanced onboard equipment such as coriolis flowmeters and pressure compensated injection pumps, Challenger can provide assistance in obtaining valuable geological information.


Chemical Stimulation and Injection

Providing fluid systems tailored to our client's needs and the expertise to effectively apply to a well, Challenger offers complete stimulation services. Custom designed pumping/transport units include optional showers and offer unparalleled safety and efficiency.

Remedial Cementing Services

Challenger's Advanced Cementing Unit combined with experienced field staff with comprehensive engineering support provides industry-leading cementing services for operators in Western Canada.

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