Annular Migration Intervention

Challenger specializes in dealing with common annular migration issues such as Surface Casing Vent Flow and Gas Migration, as well as zone to zone isolation and more. From job planning and product selection, to proper execution, Challenger focuses on providing comprehensive remedial intervention services.

Chemical Stimulation and Injection

From providing custom-blended chemicals tailored to our client's needs, to transporting and injection into the well, Challenger offers complete stimulation services. Designed to handle extreme acids and bases, our Severe Fluid Service units allow large quanitites to be transported, blended and injected by a single unit.

Diagnostic Formation Injectivity Testing

Formation properties can be accurately estabilished using custom designed injection and flowback equipment. Using advanced onboard equipment such as coriolis flowmeters and flow and pressure compensated injection pumps, Challenger can provide assistance in obtaining valuable geological information.


Remedial Cementing Services

Challenger's patent-pending Advanced Cementing Unit, or ACU, along with experienced field staff and full engineering services, provides leading remedial cementing services across Western Canada. From simple plug operations to advanced multi-blend injections, we've got you covered.

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