Challenger focuses on offering the most advanced remediation technologies in the following sectors:

- Surface casing vent flow and gas migration interventions

- Ultra-high (>200 C) temperature cementing in EOR steam fields

- Abandonment and wellbore securement

- Conformance treatments

Pumping Services
Acidizing Products + Pumping

Acid packages for skin reduction, matrix and fracture acidizing, and other stimulations

Available onsite shower services

Transportation of acids, bases, solvents

Acid and General Fluid Transport

Challenger's dedicated pumping division offers the following services:

- Ultra-high rate pressure pumping, up to 2500 lpm

- Coil and jointed pipe cleanouts

- Hazardous fluid pumping with onsite shower and remote control

- Well kills with solids-weighted, clear and polymeric fluids

- Advanced instrumentation for monitoring of fluid density, flowrate, pressures and temperatures with remote viewing available


Fluid transport of hazardous and non-hazardous fluids

Tankers available in 3 to 8 axle configurations

FRP, aluminum and stainless tank options

Diagnostic Formation Testing

Step rate testing (Directive 51 Compliant)

Injectivity testing

Formation response, leak-off, pore open, pore close


Fluid heating, fresh water supply, dry bulk transport, vacuum services and more to assist in your next oilfield operation.

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