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- Surface casing vent flow and gas migration interventions

- Ultra-high temperature cementing for EOR

- Depleted reservoir and high-loss cementing

- Large batching operations

- Abandonment campaigns

Pumping Services

- From low-rate 1 lpm pumping to a triple quintuplex combination unit capable of 8,100 lpm

- High rate flushes, coil and jointed pipe cleanouts

- Hazardous fluid pumping with onsite shower and remote control

- Well kills with solids-weighted, clear and polymeric fluids

- Monitoring of fluid density, flowrate, pressures and temperatures in realtime


Diagnostic Formation Testing

- Step rate testing (Directive 51 Compliant)

- Injectivity testing

- Formation response, leak-off, pore open, pore close


Acidizing and Stimulation Products

- Acid packages for skin reduction, matrix and fracture acidizing, facility treatments and more

- Bases, oxidizers, solvents

- Available onsite shower services

- Transportation of acids, bases, solvents

Acid and General Fluid Transport

- Fluid transport of hazardous and non-hazardous fluids

- Tankers available in 3 to 8 axle configurations

- FRP, aluminum and stainless tank options

- Hot fresh water sales

- Vacuum and steam services

Technical Services

- SCVF Intervention Reports

- Geology services and on-call Professional Geologists

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