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Cementing Unit
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Low to Ultra-high Rate Fluid Pumps

Proprietary all-in-one design with 6,000 L batching, infinitely variable electronic triplex pumps with slowrate capability, and fully enclosed for extreme weather. Carries up to 9 mT onboard or 22 mT with a pup trailer. 

Triple Quintuplex - 2,560 hp, 6,000+ lpm

Trailer Twin Quintuplexes - Up to 1,900 hp, 4,000+ lpm

Single Quintuplex - 660 hp, 2,700 lpm 

Single Triplexes - 660 hp, 1,500 lpm

Triplex Lowrate Units - 1 lpm to 94 lpm


5k/10k/15k ratings, realtime remote viewing, coriolis flowmeters, onboard shower, trailer combinations, acid storage, chemical storage/injection.

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Batch Mixing, Hydration and Chemical Combo Units
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Concentric Coiled Tubing - MCDIS

16,000 L capacity, dry and wet add chemical handling, high viscosity fluid and cement batching.

Coiled tubing for conveying specialized concentric coil tools. 60k injector, large coil capacity, onboard picker.

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Tank Trucks
Vacuum Trucks
Steam / Fluid Heating
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Chemical Delivery
General Rentals

Acid FRP, Stainless and Aluminum tankers

Fluid heating units, steamers


Dry and liquid oilfield chemical delivery

Fluid filtration rental skids - 1500 lpm dual pot - 1+ Micron

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