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Reactor - MCDIS

Reactor and the MCDIS systems are the next step in Challenger's ongoing development of remedial cementing technology designed to intervene permanently in annular flow. Utilizing a patent-pending delivery system and product portfolio, MCDIS is a promising leap forward in remedial cementing technology.


Challenger's MCDIS has been selected as a winner of the ERA Natural Gas Challenge in 2020.


NanoBLOK XF is a microfine cement designed to penetrate fine cracks like microannuli between casing and cement without bridging, and quickly seal off leaks during squeeze operations. NanoBLOK XF is custom-ground and offers colloidal and thixotropic properties.

Quartex Stimulation System

Quartex is a proprietary chemical system designed to improve inflow in formations with difficult flow impedances such as migrating fines, drilling fluid damage and swelling clays. Quartex brings the advantages of a HF-enhanced system without the extreme HSE risks and unpredictable formation interactions.

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