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REACTOR and the MCDIS systems are the next step in Challenger's ongoing development of remedial cementing technology designed for annular flow intervention. Utilizing a patented delivery system and product portfolio, MCDIS utilizes cement-alternatives with dramatically improved physical properties and lifespans, while reducing GHG impacts.

The MCDIS technology has been selected as a winner of the ERA Natural Gas Challenge in 2020, is a SDTC environmental technology grant recipient, and is undergoing field trials in 2023-2024.


NanoBLOK XF is a microfine cement designed to penetrate fine cracks like microannuli between casing and cement without bridging, and quickly seal off leaks during squeeze operations. NanoBLOK XF is custom-ground and offers colloidal and thixotropic properties and has a 10 year track record of improving SCVF intervention success.

Geostim and Geosolve Product Lines
Chokepoint Squeeze TM

Challenger's Geostim and Geosolve stimulation fluids are designed to reduce environmental, health and safety hazards associated with wellbore stimulations while improving success and longevity of the treatments.

These systems have successfully been applied in injector/SWD, producer and source wells, as well as facility and pipelines. 

The proprietary Chokepoint Squeeze system is a multifaceted approach to obtaining first-attempt success in SCVF interventions. 

Challenger's technical group evaluates logs, geological data, historical and area data, and SCVF characteristics to generate a tailored intervention plan including perforation depth and type, formation pre-treatment and squeeze intervention program.

This method is designed to seal annular leaks in areas of high geological competence, improving initial success rates while preventing future leak development around squeeze intervals.

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